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About Galileo Research

Galileo Research is the continuation of an industrial path first taken by Abiogen Pharma, where the internal R&D Division, started in 1997, represented the core of energy and innovation, now transformed to focus in a more corporate environment, where the potential of the project pipeline can gain maximum benefit from scientific and financial opportunities. Galileo Research maintains the Abiogen’s Research Centre structure in Migliarino (close to Pisa - Italy) and its entire group of researchers

The experience and expertise of Galileo’s researchers have for years contributed to the success of Italian firms such as Istituto Gentili and Abiogen Pharma. In the last few years Galileo Research has delivered 13 pre-clinical and clinical compounds across all major therapeutic categories, several of them being object of partnership.


Galileo Research is supported by a management team of high reputation with a track record of success in R&D management, advised by an outstanding Scientific Board.


Galileo Research has a GLP certified Testing Facility. Product development studies at Galileo Research are performed according to ICH, OECD, REACH guidelines, in full compliance with the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations (certified by the Italian Health Authorities since 1990) and supervised by an external Quality Assurance Service.


The scientific staff has extensive experience in research and preclinical development, particularly skilled in animal toxicology, genotoxicity, ADME and in vivo models of diseases. Moreover, it has strong knowledge in gene expression profiling, RT-PCR, recombinant protein expression, monoclonal antibody preparation, 2-D electrophoresis and other advanced technologies.


Galileo Research boasts a vast and active network of experience and expertise with a number of scientific laboratories in the Tuscany Region where Galileo’s projects can also benefit from the extensive knowledge and excellence of the Territory.