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Food Industry

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." (Hippocrates, 400 bc).

The global functional foods market continues to be a dynamic and growing segment of the food industry. The world market for functional foods and drinks is expected to reach $130 billion by 2015. Market growth is fuelled by product innovation and increasingly health-conscious consumers. Functional foods and nutraceuticals provide an opportunity to improve health and reduce health care costs.
Rapid growth will continue for several years, and functional foods are expected to represent a significant share of the total global food market.

The health claims of functional foods and food ingredients, especially with novel food ingredients and nutraceuticals, require solid scientific proof of efficacy and safety, to comply with new and updated food legislations. Galileo Research provides the expertise in efficacy, as well as, in toxicological testing and can help the food industry with solid science regarding safety and efficacy, pivotal in supporting the regulatory strategy and ensuring future market success.

Galileo Research provides an extensive platform for safety and toxicity evaluations, consisting of in vitro and in vivo methods. In addition, we provide a variety of in vivo efficacy models to support your claims.

Tests can be applied to both small and large molecule (protein) ingredients.