Galileo Research origins lie in 1972 as the Research Centre of Istituto Gentili, an Italian pharmaceutical company founded in 1917. At the beginning of the ’80s, scientists at the Gentili Research Centre discovered and developed new molecules in the class of bisphosphonates and in the field of bone diseases, in particular clodronate, alendronate and neridronate, later licenced to Boehringer Mannheim and Merck & Co, respectively. In 1997 Abiogen Pharma was founded as a spin-off after the acquisition of Istituto Gentili by Merck & Co. The Research Centre continued to work in the field of bone and joint diseases and also expanded its knowledge and activities to the areas of oncology and CNS. Galileo Research was established in July 2011 as a spin-off of the R&D Division of Abiogen Pharma.


Galileo Research is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides experience, knowledge, and skill required to take drugs, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics on the market. We support discovery and development with a complete range of non-clinical studies. Our expertise in regulatory submissions and our knowledgeable strategic skills in planning non-clinical testing programmes are also provided to our Clients, to reduce attrition rate and speed up the process.

Being in the scientific area of the Tuscany region, together with the top Universities and CNR laboratories (National Council of Research), Galileo Research holds a broad network of excellence and multidisciplinary collaborations that result in creating knowledge to answer the Customer’s needs and building a best-in-class non-clinical service business through open and innovative approaches to discovery and development.


We offer our support to Companies in the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical (small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and ATMPs)
  • Medical Device
  • Food and food supplements
  •  Chemical (REACH)
  • Nutraceutical
  • Cosmetic


Some of the studies conducted at Galileo Research rely on animals. The use of animals as surrogates for humans in the estimation of safety and efficacy of medicines, devices, supplements and chemicals is a regulatory requirement and is considered adequate to support the use of these products in humans. Galileo Research is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health for the conduction of studies in rodents since more than 40 years. The Authorization is renewed every 3 years.

Animal welfare is guaranteed by the presence of veterinarians and operators who have decades of experience in evaluation and handling of animals for scientific purposes.

The search for more-relevant and more-reliable non-animal alternative procedures for predicting potential hazards to humans is currently the focus of scientific, political and administrative effort throughout the world.

Galileo Research is strongly committed to the implementation of the 3Rs (Reduction, Refinement and Replacement), yet maintaining scientific rigor, and already offers a list of validated alternative methods that replace animal use or, at least, reduce it. When the use of animals is unavoidable, the more advanced procedures for refinement and humane approach, to make sure animals suffer as little as possible, are implemented.


The Testing Facility of Galileo Research works in compliance with Good Laboratories Practices (GLP) and has been GLP certified by the Italian Ministry of Health since 1991. GLP operations are physically separated from non-GLP activities, even though all activities are conducted according to the highest quality standard procedures. The last Certificate of compliance with the principles of GLP, according to the Italian Legislative Decree Nr. 50, March 2nd 2007 and Directive 2004/9/EC has been issued on 22/10/2019 (Nr. 2019/27).

Galileo Research is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health for the conduction of studies in rodents with the Decree n. 1016/2020 PR issued on 23/10/2020, according to Legislative Decree Nr. 26/2014 of the Italian Ministry of Health.

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